Colorado’s Best is a lifestyle show generating over a million dollars in revenue from paid clients showcasing their services and products. Colorado's Best also generates revenue through their e-commerce coupons called Colorado's Best Deals. The goal of this project was to generate more revenue by creating a convenient customer experience through a new mobile app. Customers who opted in would receive notifications when they're favorite businesses offered new deals, when they were with in close proximity to a business offering a deal, and when deals were close to expiring. They needed a simple, one touch purchase experience that was secure and intuitive.
We interviewed people both internal and external in the target demo to gain an empathetic view of customers’ needs. We clearly defined the goals of the app. We went through an ideation process creating solutions for setting up new users, showcasing individual deals, and the e-commerce purchasing and delivery process. We made several prototypes on paper before designing with Sketch. Next steps will be to work with the product and development teams to build and test the app.